Justice Is Blinds Justified

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted a blog, that’s because it’s taken me this long to recoup from Urban Justice Center’s Justice Is Blinds charity tournament.  WOW, what a night!  So much to share and talk about, let’s get right into it.


I can’t go right into the main event, Justice Is Blinds, without going to back to reflect on our amazing satellite, held to allow players who couldn’t afford the $1,000 buy-in to get in for way less. At our Urban Justice Center Satellite at Brooklyn Colony, we had an awesome turn out of 3 tables which meant 3 players won $1,000 seats into Justice Is Blinds.   Even though my poker partner Michelle and I busted our butts prepping, a great time was had by all, the tournament was flawless, and it was worth it!  We are looking to top ourselves next year.  My personal goal will be to send at least 5 players to Justice Is Blinds.  But for now, here are the 3 lucky winners we took to the charity event for their shot at the coveted $11,000 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure seat!

(Bottom Left) Alex Caviano, Susan Wolfe, & Jamie Wolfe


This year, UJC took their charity to another level having it at El Capitale, the perfect stage for this event.  After Michelle and I made sure our satellite winners got in with no problems, we wished each other luck and headed to our respective tables.  I sit down and guess who’s on my left?  Here’s my Instagram Story with the answer:

And once again I break my promise to myself (because, of course, it’s open bar so I have no will power) and have too many wines, hence this vlog I cut together from my Periscopes & Facebook Lives at the break:

I left out poker pro Melanie Weisner, whom I also recorded (OK so it was more like me yelling at her expressing my upset over her WSOP Main Event bust out hand, she was very gracious about it).

Post break I get moved, but still have Matt Matros at my table (WTH, can I get a break?!) and then I punt off my stack (it was the alcohol, next year I’m going sober, pinky swear #nodrinks) in late position with some crappy Kx hand & 11 big blinds into two Asians in the blinds — had I looked up and seen they were Asian…poker players, back me up!  In my experience, the Asians I’ve played against got a lotta gamble in them and are willing to play looser (turns out this time I was the gambler though, they both had me dominated with KQ & Ax).

The good news is that our satty winners had a blast.  This year I did not sit at Daniel’s table, but as you see in the video above, Jamie & Susan Wolfe did!  Being the amazing poker ambassador that he is, I hear Daniel also gave some poker tips and red carpet treatment to the mother/daughter duo.  Priceless.

When we get down to three tables things move upstairs to a smaller room. Vanessa Selbst, Eric Bogosian, Shannon Elizabeth, and Olivier Busquet are among the notables still in that final three.  Along with my friend Michelle (congrats nena)!  I’m her rail bird until she gets knocked out.  Inspired by Drunk History (because it happened in the past and drinking was involved, OK I know it’s a stretch), here’s a recap with cameos from Vanessa and “Mr. Chia-Pecs,” Daniel Negreanu

All in all, it was another electrifying and unforgettable night.  Thanks to our satellite tournament, we were able to make some dreams come true making it possible for players that could not afford the $1,ooo buy-in to meet and compete with their pro poker idols and raise money for a very much needed organization. I’m happy for UJC and Vanessa Selbst.  They raised a whopping $180,000 for their vital cause.  Click here to learn more about Urban Justice Center, and here to stayed updated about next year’s Justice Is Blinds and see more pics of this year’s event.  Until next year and thanks for reading!  Up next, my Bar Poker Open experience at Borgata!

Photo Credits in videos:
Clark Jones, Photographer
Email:  clark@clarkjones.com
IG: @clarkjonesphoto
Website:  www.clarkjones.com
NOTE:  Winner’s Photo at the end in last video of Olivier Busquet & Vanessa Selbst by Clark Jones
Editing (on iPhone iMovie):
Janice Garcia
Video #2:  Boy by Book of Love
Ⓟ 1988 Sire Records
Video #3:  Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) by Book of Love
Ⓟ 1988 Sire Records

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