My Justice is Blinds Charity Tournament Prep

The day has finally come — Urban Justice Center’s Justice Is Blinds charity poker tournament!!  For those of you just tuning in,  Justice Is Blinds  will be hosted by Vanessa Selbst, the #1 female poker player of all time, and Daniel Negreanu, Global Poker Index’s #1 ranked poker player of 2013.  All of the proceeds go to the Urban Justice Center, a non-profit organization that has been serving New York City’s most vulnerable with their 11 umbrella advocacy projects since 1981 (they are the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, Community Development Project, Domestic Violence Project, Human Rights Project, International Refugee Assistance Project, Mental Health Project, Peter Cicchino Youth Project working w/ LGBTQQ, Safety Net Project, Street Vendors Project, Sex Workers Project, and the Veteran Advocacy Project).

Last year I went to their first event, but got knocked out by Daniel Negreanu.  It didn’t help that I’d had way too much to drink (my blog about last year’s event).  So this will be my 2nd shot at the grand prize of a PokerStars Championship Bahamas package worth $11,000.  I can not and will not social-poker-drink away my shot.  In my mind, I see myself standing in front of Rupaul saying her infamous line over and over again…


Because I may not be a Queen lip syncing for my life, but the stakes are high and the pressure is on!

Aside from putting together a satellite event for this amazing charity tournament, I’ve  been preparing to play myself by going to the local pub poker league.  The structure at the league is very similar to the charity tourney in that the levels are short and stacks get short quick.  In my blogs Back to Basics:  My Week of Pub Poker Part 1 and Part 2, I went on a week-long experiment playing shallow, turbo poker.

This past month I went back and applied some of the things learned from my Expokeriments, made some adjustments, and added a few more strategies to my arsenal.  The results were pretty good, placed at least top 2 in 4 out of 6 tourneys:

TUES Sep 6 at Brooklyn Colony, Brooklyn, NY:  2nd place

MON Sep 19 at Blaggards Pub, Manhattan, NY:  1st place

Winner’s Photo

TUES Sep 20 at Blaggards Pub:  2nd place

Heads up action.

WEDS Sep 21 at Bel Air, Queens, NY:  2nd place

TUES Sep 20 at Blaggards Pub:  Did not place

MON Sep 26 at Blaggards Pub:  Did not place

Plan of Action.

You must read my 2 part blogs mentioned above!  Granted, these are small 2 – 3 table tournaments, I still think my pub poker strategy will crossover along with a few other “things” I’ve broken down into two categories:


  • I won’t be trying to drink my buy-ins worth in wine this time (that was a mistake).
  • I won’t be rebuying or adding on at the break so I’ve gotta work with what I’ve got.
  • I won’t be shoving KJo in the CO into Daniel Negreanu in the BB w/ AK.
  • I won’t be dropping my competitive nature.  No, I won’t do that.


  • I will have fun, it’s a charity with celebs and poker pros everywhere!
  • I will leave my ego at the door (like Cory says, “the ego is not your amigo!”)
  • I will hope for some run good, need lots of luck, people!
  • I will be learning from my mistakes, very quickly.  A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with Bronx Poker Pro and Ambassador for Run Good Gear, Jose Montes.  We were talking about poker, getting better at the game, and coaching.  Then he just paused, looked at me earnestly and said — losing money is your biggest poker coach.  Yeah, so it applies more to cash games than tournaments, it still applies here #ForTheBigPots.  Thanks for lunch and the great inspirational line, Jose!

You still have time to register (just click here)!  Sign up and come down to play with pros Vanessa, Daniel, Erik Seidel, Melanie Weisner, Andy Frankenberger, Victor Ramdin, and celebs like Shannon Elizabeth and Rounders Co-Writer & Billionaires Executive Producer Brian Koppelman.  It’s a fantastic event for a super organization that does so many things for so many people in need.

And for those that can’t make it but want to watch the action go down to the Final Table — don’t fret!  I’ll be snapping, Tweeting,  on IG, Periscope, and Facebook Living so pick your social media of choice and follow along.

UPDATE:  Watch my recap videos in my blog about Justice is Blinds here!

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