My Mohegan $1/2 Cash Game Experience

Ok I’m gonna make this quick.  I’ll just disclaimer the following by saying that I know I have things I need to work on, like adjusting in real time to whatever game  I’m playing, versus playing and then going back to reflect (like now) to make the adjustments I need.  That’s why it’s so important to be present at the poker table.  If you’re present you’re already winning.

But I’m grateful for this outlet, my blog, where I get to share my experiences and review my stupidity, now set in stone, for everyone to see…makes me think if I embarrass myself, fool me once…full me twice…I’m a fool? I just fucked up the phrase, didn’t I?  Whatever, you get the gist…

I don’t play enough live cash (or live for that matter) but, more importantly, live cash.  I really believe that you can read all you want, but there’s nothing that can replace live experience in this instance.  So here are the 2 hands yesterday that brought me down.  This is a $1/2 game, FYI:

Hand #1:

With 2 limpers in middle position, I get KK OTB and make it $13.  sB, BB and limpers call.

Flop comes 3-6-8 rainbow, it checks to me, I bet $23, everyone folds except sB, he calls.  Some info on our man in the small blind — he has heaps, like $500 in this hand, and he’s been on fire since he sat down not too long ago.

Turn is a 5, Heaps checks, I bet $35, he starts shaking his head, looking defeated, and then calls.  Oh man (I’ll reserve my thoughts for later)…

River is a Q, he leads out for $45, I carve out my chips and pause to look at him…in hindsight, he looked totally comfortable.  Fuck.  I called. He has 47.

Before I go into what the 2 players that I respect said about this hand, I’ll just say that I knew I was beat and that my ego blinded me to being in the moment. Like I  did stop to look at Heaps, but I really wasn’t trying to see how comfortable Heaps was, and how his body language told me he had it, and how the Hollywooding was so Rec101.  My ego and stubbornness took over me and I was making decisions from that space.

Now the 2 players that I know that know their shit — they both said I should’ve folded on the river when Heaps led out.  One of my guys even said I should’ve checked behind on the Turn after his Oscar Award winning Hollywooding performance.  Which goes back to 100% folding when he lead out on the River.  Yeah, I know, all bad, I’m an all-around sucka with an ego that I have to check at the door.

Hand #2:

New guy who just arrived at table makes it $10 UTG.  It folds to me OTB, again, w/ KKs. I just flat.  BB (Heaps again) calls.

Flop A-T-T.  BB checks, UTG leads for $15, I flat.  BB makes it $45.  UTG calls, I fold.

Turn is a KING (let it go, let it go)…

After that I had to tune out, but I can report that Heaps leads out both streets and UTG calls.  At showdown Heaps has T4dd and takes down a decent pot.  I wish I’d seen UTG’s hand, but I believe he had Ax (I need to remove myself from the hand immediately so I can be present, HELLO, and take down this information).

So again…big mistakes all the way back to pre-flop action.  I should’ve raised, to ensure no one (like Heaps, who’s on fire) calls with crap/to isolate.  But as played, when the flop comes out, I should have folded to the UTG bet on the A-T-T flop.  The K on the Turn is irrelevant.  But at the table, in the moment, I did not see it that way.  All of a sudden I went into results oriented mode and I definitely think it affected the way I played going forward.

Lesson:  once a hand is done, it’s done!!  In cash you have to reset in real time, because every pot is an opportunity.  The blinds aren’t going up so there’s no pressure unless you put it on yourself (hi, I’m Janice…I put pressure on myself).  And if you let a hand haunt you, it will, and it will bring out the Spewmaster in you.

This all probably obvious stuff, but I had to get it off my chest.  It was a total losing session, but I’m grateful for the feedback of my poker pals and definitely look forward to my next cash game session very soon!



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