When All Else Fails K.I.S.S. 2016

Well, I set myself up to fail with that New Year’s blog, didn’t I?  You see, this is why I don’t make resolutions.  Thanks Gretchen Rubin.  So now that I’m off the New Year’s high, I’d like to revise my resolutions to myself and to you, my lovely readers, so things are a little more tangible and realistic.

#1.  I resolve to write MORE to inspire and entertain MORE.

That’s all I’m gonna say, folks.  I’m KISSSing here — Keepin’ It Simple, Señoras y Señores.  In the comments section at the bottom of that last blog someone said, “You write with blood.”  OK, yeah, the compliment came from my wife, but still — THE PRESSURE!!  If I wrote that with blood I gotta write everything else with blood and then I’m just gonna bleed out and not have anything left (no wonder I have an iron deficiency).  So I’ll just have to push thru the demons that reside in my head that I deal with when I write and play poker…and work out…and do anything that requires THINKING which is EVERYTHING.

Although this blog a cathartical vehicle for me, I also want it to be an inspirational, entertaining, and relatable place for readers who might be in the same boat as me, the “I-love-poker-but-can’t-just-drop-everything-to-go-play-because-that’s-just-insane.” (mainly because I don’t live near a casino anymore, like in Miami where I could throw a rock and hit at least 8 poker rooms).

#2.  I resolve to score 3 live poker cashes while working to become a better player.

Financial resources being a huge obstacle to realistically achieving the original goal declared here, I’m taking out the monetary number because to me, it feels limiting and at the same time overwhelming, if that makes sense.  I’m also seriously thinking of renaming my blog “Poker Confessionals from a Broke Amateur Player”.   I have strategies on how I’m going to achieve this revised resolution, continually putting in the work — the hand studies, watching livestreams, playing live and online, reading poker articles, listening to podcasts…rinsing and repeating.  I’m always looking for ways to be creative to maximize my resources to become a better poker player.  In the meantime, until I get a bankroll — shout out to all of my low/no cost poker mentors out there Marsha Wolak and Epic Poker Training, Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis, short stack Ninja Cory Waaland and his Blunt Sessionz, Tournament Poker Edge and their training site and podcasts — just to name a few!

What goals do you have for 2016?  Feel free to share below and check out some of the folks I’ve mentioned above.  There’s more where that came from.  I look forward to sharing the resources and paying it forward.  On my next blog I’ll talk about playing at my local bar poker league, the challenges of it all, and what I’ve learned from it.


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