Mentally Stuck Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s New Year’s Eve…the day where everyone gets their last hurrahs of the year in while getting into “resolution mode”. I’ve always been one to feel blah about this time of year and resolutions. Just whatever about it…but beneath that layer of blah I know there’s another layer. A long flat layer, like an invisible plane somewhere in my subconscious mind, where my Gemini Greek chorus sits chillin’…barking skepticism & critique, “Really Janice, really??” Their rhetoric sums up to a ball of stress bigger than the one dropping on the NYE Times Square countdown. That layer is the wisher’s block that keeps me from my resolve.

And that, my friends, was my tone of thought with what I started my day today.  Juxtaposed by my wife who, coincidentally, just bought Gretchen Rubin’s audiobook, “The Happiness Project,” as she played it in the apartment while I worked from home.  I chalked it up to being background noise for me, I have to admit I didn’t want to Oprahlosophize my way through this New Year’s Eve Day…still having a long night ahead of me with more media bombardment of “reflections of 2015” and “resolutions for 2016” talk.

You see, I’m a huge “Star Wars” fan. Why?  It’s a nostalgic thing, but also an emotional one. Whether you’re religious or not everyone can relate to the idea of good versus evil, light versus dark. Star Wars is my religion. I named my dog after Chewbacca. I have an R2D2 as a card protector when I’m at the poker table. I use The Force when I play.   The world around me conjures up parallels from my favorite revived saga. And on a day like today, New Year’s Eve, with all of its symbolism and pressure, my tendency is to go to The Dark Side. It’s my nature to resist and think of the “have nots” that I don’t have and sulk, “I am Janice’s negative thoughts,” quips The Narrator.

But then while that audiobook filled the air something unexpected happened. Over the span of a few hours my ears took in Gretchen’s commandments, and she had done like a Jedi Mind Trick on me. She awoke The Light Side in me again. And so here I am free association writing this blog…using The Force. People write blogs every day. Every day!  I think about that and one word, “Fuck! ” automatically crosses my mind. Sorry.  It’s what comes to mind…but if I move past my initial knee jerk graphic language reaction I arrive at two words, “Fuck it!”  I know, more foul language, but I’m being Janice (thanks for that, Gretchen).

Seriously though, with those two words I give myself permission to just flow. I put so much pressure on myself to up the ante on every single blog entry I post that I don’t end up writing anything at all.   Where does that get me?  Nowhere.  No writing, no growth, no consistency, no audience!

So that’s it, we arrive at le moment du jour – 2016 Resolutions to squash the Gemini voices and awaken The Force of The Light Side, getting my wishing on. It’s the only way to let the universe hear you and allow for your resolutions to come true:

  • I resolve to write and post at least 4 times a week
  • I resolve to score 3 live poker cashes all equaling at least $500,000 this year
  • I resolve to love Mondays
  • I resolve to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • I resolve meditate at least once a day
  • I resolve to take more risks
  • I resolve to spend more time with friends and come from a place of love & honesty
  • I resolve to save more shelter animals and produce at least one charity poker tournament
  • I resolve to enjoy now and the journey

There!  It’s out there on virtual paper. And I have to say it feels good. Scary, but good. Enough about me — now, it’s YOUR turn, young Jedi. Let’s do this together, our recommitment to a new hope. Feel free to write your resolutions in the comments below. And may The Force be with you…

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7 thoughts on “Mentally Stuck Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. just heard someone say to follow your gift not your passion… your gift is what you can do effortlessly and well… your passion might sometimes be different.. so I love that your finally doing it!! tell your voices in your head to shut up!! i’m proud that your writing..i’m going to do mine as well!!! I just don’t have that writing gift 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t ever put yourself down and say you “don’t have” the gift of writing. For some it takes practice. It’s like working out, you have to do it everyday. So start! And thank you for the comment!


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